Jenny Thor, VD
Jenny Thor, VD

The client’s story: Bonnier Group Agency

Background: A new sales organisation within the Bonnier Group was started, and a new brand was needed. Brand Family's assignment was to create a visual identity for Swedish literature abroad. Another goal was to create a brand that represented four separate but integrated organisations.
The Result: A logo showing a variety of books in a bookcase that simultaneously communicates a metropolitan skyline.
How did you experience the creative process with Brand Family?
Very positive and rewarding. We moved forward quickly and Brand Family provided clear and effective leadership. Initially, we had a rather vague idea of ​​what we ultimately needed and wanted, but BF helped us move rapidly towards our goal.
What did you think of the final results?
Excellent! We have received a lot of praise for our profile both in Sweden and abroad. It is standing the test of time well, and we’ve produced a wide variety of material including catalogues, booth designs for trade fairs, a website, and so forth.