Jonna Petterson, informatör och Annika Pontikis, informationschef
Jonna Petterson, Information and Annika Pontikis, Communications

A client’s story: The Nobel Foundation

Brand Family - The Nobel Foundation’s internal agency since 2004
Within the framework of our cooperation, an old brand was updated, new ones created, and new profiles developed. In addition, a wide variety of communication materials were produced.
The central task for the Nobel Foundation is nurturing and carefully developing an already well established brand. In Mix Hagman Eller and Brand Family, we have found a counterpart with a great understanding of our needs. We have jointly developed the brand manuals and graphic guidelines that provide the base for the production of all printed matter, not only of the Nobel Foundation , but also for the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Nobel Media AB.
We have also chosen to let Brand Family manage our print production from start to finish. We place high demands on the printed matter that’s linked to our brands, and we are very pleased with the results!